Disruptive Ideation Workshop

Learn A Disruptive Way To Ideate. Walk Away With Disruptive Ideas!

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Do You Struggle With Your Ideation/Brainstorming?

  • Are your innovation results inconsistent or non-existent?  
  • Are you struggling to consistently find great ideas for new products and/or services?  
  • Did your last brainstorming effort only come up with incremental ideas?  

  • Finding it hard to get your organization to support your ideas?  
  • Is it time to revamp your approach to finding more and better ideas? 
  • Does thinking about innovation make your brain hurt?

Works for Organizations Of All Types And Sizes

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Consultants
  • Service-based companies
  • Banks
  • NGO's
  • Retail
  • Small Businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Non-profits
  • Sports teams
  • Tech Companies
  • Start ups
  • Government agencies
  • Media companies
  • .... and more!
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Disruptive Ideation Workshop

The Disruptive Ideation Workshop guides your team through a proven framework used by 1,000's of organizations that creates more and better ideas. At the end, you walk away with a ranked list of disruptive ideas -- and a team experienced in how to repeat the process. 

Myths of Innovation

Pulls back on the mystery and myths of innovation that says only a few are able to innovate.

Everyone can innovate! They just need to be shown how to discovery their inherit ability.

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Innovation Skills

Helps participants to discover their inherit ability to innovate.

These innovation skills include: seeing with fresh eyes, exercising the creative muscle, individual and team ideation, ranking to find the best ideas and many more. 

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Innovation Framework

Using an innovation framework is critical to discovering ideas that lead to disruptive innovations.

The FIRE framework is proven wth 100's of leading organizations around the world. 

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Ideation/ Brainstorm

Via exercises that reinforce the skills and framework, participants create disruptive ideas for your organization.

These disruptive ideas will expand and grow your innovation pipeline. 

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Workshop Content

Course Materials

150 Pages

Each student will receive a digital copy of the course materials along with the worksheets and posters. 

Worksheets/ Tools

+12 Aids

Worksheets and tools used in 100's of organizations updated for the workshop. 

Exercises/ Brainstorms

7 Exercises

Exercises and brainstorm sessions allow time to practice the skills while creating disruptive ideas. 

Instruction Time

12 Hours

In addition to the instruction, exerices, and course materials, each student will recieve a copy of Beyond The Obvious and the Killer Question Cards.

We Help You Generate More And Better Ideas.

The Innovators Network will help you take the guesswork out of your ideation and brainstorming so you can create more and better products and services. With the FIRE Framework, you can confidently create ideas, without spending a fortune on consultants. 

How can we help you? 

Trusted by 1,000's of organizations, including:

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What is different about The Innovators Networks?

All of the guides/coaches/mentors from The Innovators Network have and are actively working as innovation leaders.  

One example is our co-founder, Phil McKinney. Phil retired in 2011 as the CTO for Hewlett-Packard where he was the founder of its Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO has been written about in many leading publications and is used as case studies at Stanford and Harvard Business Schools as an innovation best practice. Phil is the current President and CEO of CableLabs, the R&D and innovation lab for the global cable industry that is staffed with +200 world-class technologists, innovators, and research scientists. 

The innovations, products, and services he has been directly involved with over his innovation career are currently used by more than 500 million consumers and businesses each and every day.  

The Innovators Network brings REAL experiences, not consultants whose “experiences” are what they learned from books.

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